Project Description :
The QR code application generate QRCode for URL, Contact Details, Text, Phone Number, VCard, SMS, Coupon. Also, we can download generated QR Code in JPG and EPS format.
With the help of this application we can create QR Code quickly and easily on own system.
For this application registration is not necessary. But guest user can create only Static QR Code but registered user can create static and dynamic QR Codes.
Static and Dynamic are two types of QR Code.
This application store generated dynamic and static code in two different lists and user can access it at any time.

Dynamic QR Code :
A dynamic QR code gives the QR code owner the ability to change the address to which the QR code redirects to.
By just clicking on the URL that you had originally entered, changing the address and confirming the changes, the same QR code will automatically lead scanners to a new destination.
With dynamic QR codes, reprinting of the code is not necessary even after changing the information.

Static QR Code :
Unlike dynamic QR codes, static QR codes point out to a certain address.
The address is usually fixed. This does not allow the user to change the destination that the QR code land customers or clients once it is scanned.
If you change the destination the QR code links to, you will have to create another QR code.

Technology Specifications :
Angular 4, node js, Mongo DB