Project Description :
ERP application for user who has multiple companies working on different location.
1. Field Activity – This will be available for people on the move. They might be Sales people / Purchase people. When these people conclude some enquiry / quotation / order with party ( customer / supplier), they will enter bare minimum info from the mobile app to inform back office that transaction is closed. Details will be party name, contact person, contact no, address, item name, qty, rate etc. There will also be provision for the member on field to enter following three fields – Who – Who is supposed to act now. What is he / she supposed to do and when is it to be done.
2. Purchase Requisition Approval – People sitting in office will create purchase requisition. If approval is required from the person who is on the field, he / she will get some alert that he / she has some requisitions to be approved. Person can go to the tab, view the details and then approve the transaction.
3. Sales/Purchase Order Approval – Person on the field will get some alert that he / she has some POs to be approved. There will be a grid to view transactions. User can go to tab and view details.
4. Dashboard – Dashboard will have details on graph like customer wise sales details, product wise sales details.

Objectives :
Single application for multiple companies to handle there field level task and approve orders.

Challenges :
Create custom grid view in mobile application. (where user can change column location and column width)

Solution :
– Here I designed list view with horizontal scroll-view. Column name and width taken from web service and bind to list view at run-time.

Technology Specifications :
Android Studio 3.1, Android SDK, SQLite, Philljay Library