Project Description :
This application refers to school application which consist of multiple schools from multiple countries.It is a web application that includes company,education, marketing, admin and web portal.End users are system admin,center in charges,consultant and students. The student can apply to any school with its own basis or he will take a help from consultant it is a walk in process. The system admin uses the company module to set buy/rent packages for center in charge /Consultant and grant the ability for CIC/Consultant to manage company account.

Objectives :
Student can easily apply to any countries of school/colleges/University.

Challenges :
1) Calendar Event Scheduling- Student or Consultant can sets events on calendar for example. Send Document ,Please call.
2) Multiple files Upload.
3) Reminder for upcoming events.
4) Conversation box -for Studnet and consultant chat.
5) Text Editor to Chat window bold/Italic/font size Text formator.
6) Auto complete to Text box.
7) Tag editor like elance skill tag.
8) Searching by country wise,city wise,keyword wise school/colleges/University .
9) Google Map -To show Location of School/colleges/University.
10)Email Module like Outlook.
11) Tiny MCE Text Editor to Email Body for Text /picture formating.

Technology Specifications :
1) Framework 4.5.
2) Sql Server 2012.
3) MVC 4.