Project Description :
Purestack is the retailer on drugs and medicines. Basically its an Ecommerce application where users can purchase medicines, drugs and cosmetic items and they are delivered to their doorstep.
Pure stack is not just an only shop but here users receive recommended stack of drugs/medicines with a discounted rates. Recommended stack is the group of drugs/medicines.

Admin :
Admin can add products(drugs/medicines, cosmetics) and product information such as Product Name, Manufacture Name, Count, Price, Expiry Date and Manufacturing Date.
Admin can create different discount offers and commission rate.
Admin having access to Commission Agent list and End User list.

Commission Agent :
Commission agents send promotion emails to end users and sell them recommended products at discounted rates.
For each selling they earn commission from owner of the business. Here Owner/Admin himself gives different promotion discounts, offers and vouchers.

End User :
End user register himself into application with the help of agent invitation link or agent email ID.
End user able to view recommended stack, edit recommended stack item list and buy recommended stack products

Objectives :
Objective of website is selling/providing medicines and drugs online with discounts and vouchers.

Challenges :
Uploading Csv File. Passport authentication, Social media and YouTube integration. Apply coupons and vouchers on Total amount. Integrating Stripe Payment Gateway.

Technology Specifications :
Angular 2 Nodejs Sql Server 2014