Project Description :
In this android application user will be the member of different ecosystem. In that ecosystem user can create learning group, can add share learning, can challenge to another user and another user will respond to that challenge, can buzz to all the member of ecosystem. User can like the learning, learning group, challenge and Buzz of other users. Also user can comment on the learning, learning group, Challenge, Buzz and user can like the comments also. User will receive the notification when
1) Other user created learning in learning group of the user.
2) Other user like his learning, learning group, challenge or buzz.
3) Other user commented on learning, challenge or buzz.
4) Other user invited to join group.

Objectives :
It is a social networking android application for the college/s or corporate organization to share and discuss their ideas through the application.

Challenges :
We were fetching the complete data of the user when user gets login because once the data get loaded user must not have to send the request to the server. So all the data we need to fetch first time in background process and need to store the data on local data base (Sq-lite database). It is difficult to fetch the data on single thread.

Solution :
We have applied the solution to fetch the data concurrently. First we are fetching the basic data that we want to show on first screen to the users. And we running the Intent services in background to fetch the other data of the users and storing that data into the local DB of the android device, and then user can directly access that data no need to send the request to the server every time. If user didn’t get the data in local DB then it will go to the server and will fetch the data and store that data in local db and user can access the data.

Technology Specifications :
Technology Specification: Java WCF RESTful web services MySQL, SQLite Database. Tested on Android version 4.0 and above