Project Description :
This application is for large format store retailing their brands . Brand zone caters to the needs of the entire family as the ultimate shopping destination. It is shaping consumer perceptions, increasing brand worth and fueling future growth for the mid market section.

Admin Panel (web):
Admin can add products and product information such as image of product, product name, price etc.
Admin having access to customer list and purchase history. Depend upon purchase admin provide some reward points to the customer.

Customer (Mobile App):
Brandzone contain login, registration, product list, Account setting, Ahlan(Reward points), favorites, Contact Us and About Us functionality.
Product list categories are Kids, Men, Women, Footwear, Kitchen etc.
Users can add favorite product into favorite category.
User can use reward points for further shopping.
There is also a language change option such as English and Arabic

Technology Specifications :
Angular js 4, laravel api, postgress sql, cordova, ionic