Project Description :
Kind of Ngo project in which user can register himself and login by manual or by auto login process, user can pay fund to different projects conducted by government, can help project by purchasing, different accessories and pay through PayPal. User can broadcast his message on Facebook and Twitter for social awareness.

Objectives :
Objective of project is to help people who are in disaster, for education, to provide clean water, to help people who are economically lack behind.

Challenges :
1) Application developed in MVC 1 with NHibernate and multilevel architecture
2)Application has browser compatibility, as it should be work on all latest version of all browser
3)Getting API’s for Facebook and Twitter and Broadcast application message on social media.

Solution :
This is developed using multi-layer architecture and composite of client server solution & web architecture. It has facility to support using VPN with the help of web services framework.

Technology Specifications :
1) Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
2) Microsoft SQL Server 2008
3)MVC 1.