Project Description :
The neonate Sveltoz Smart Search (SSS) now provides you a one of its kind solitary platform to elegantly search through your intact mobile records with a distinctive feature to perform copious operations on the searched entities.
SSS also allows you to experience the full affluence of instant search operation to be performed from web, store and maps.
Check it out and you will admire the prominent features and efficacy of SSS.
What can be searched?
It has been designed to search Contacts, Messages, Audio, Video files, Documents, Applications and Calendar events.
What makes the app exceptional?
The app isn’t just confined to search; rather it allows the searched entities to be operated on. One can:
1) Share, edit and delete the searched contacts.
2) Reply, forward, copy and delete searched messages.
3) Play, share and delete the searched audio and video files.
4) Open, share and delete the searched documents.
5) Open, view and uninstall applications.
6)  View calendar events.

Technology Specifications :
1) Android