Project Description :
Marketing Strategy Tracker Marketing Strategy Tracker is an application in which you can record any incoming and outgoing calls with high quality.This application is automatic and very reliable.
Marketers/Company post the ads on various marketing channels. Each channel associated with different tracking number and with operator or group of operators.

Company Operator :
This app is install on mobile devices of operators then all calls will recorded.
This application maintain details of incoming calls, outgoing calls,miscalls and customer data.
Company Operator send this details on cloud server.

Company Manager :
Company Managers can view the call details received from Company operator and this details are order by names.
Call details contain information like Call type, Mobile number, Call duration, Call Date-time, Comments etc.
Company manager can listen recordings of company operators.

Application analytics following things :
1. Number of calls for each of marketing channel
2. Decide outcome of each channel as per percentage of calls
3. Investment is depend on outcome of channel