Project Description :
In AR Manager The term
1) LTCF is the main thing (Long Term Care Facility). They represent a place where retire or old people can live like a hospital or long term apartment)until they die. The patients are provided dental services .There are two companies Ledet and NHDC ,this project is developed for two companies.Ledet is a one company that provides dental services to Nursing home i.e LTCF. Ledent Dental Ar is a account receivable system . NHDC is a another company that provide similar services to another sets of LTCF.
2) Ledger is the accounting system that keeps up with the charges for the services. LTCF has patients that are supported by Government on medical insurance program called medicid .
3)The caseworker are government workers that we submit our charges invoice for the services provided to patient like insurance and if approved then we process them and get paid.

Objectives :
The place where retire or old people can live life (Long Term Care).

Challenges :
1) Export to Excel.
2) Crustal report to show details grop wise,section wise.
3) Flexibility to Company Logo ,Address change on Reports.
4) Authorization-Some sections will be access by Role base (Role – Admin,User)

Solution :
click on any report,report will open in New Tab to avoid- if we close report it will not close to whole site.

Technology Specifications :
1) Framework 4.
2) Sql Server 2008 R2.
3) MVC 4.