Project Description :
Grocery Shop Application for user who wants to buy grocery product online.It is the easy way to order Grocery Products from nearby shops.

1.Login View – Customer can login with email id and password.
2.Product List – After Successfully login customer can see product list which is added from merchant.In Product list customer can see products primary details.And After select any product customer can see all details of product with product image.
3.Product Details – In product details Customer can see all product details with product images and also see all units and prices of selected product. Customer can add selected product in cart. Also can add multiple amount of same product in cart.
4.Product Filters – By using product filters customer can filtered products as per its category.
5.Your Orders – Customer can see its previous orders and order details in this view.
6.Cart View – In Cart view customer can see total product added in cart and total amount of all products.
7.Select Address – For deliver products customer need to add delivery address. In this view customer can add delivery address or choose pickup option. If customer selects pickup option then customer need to pick products from shop. If select home delivery then customer need to add address where order can deliver and select delivery address in this view.
8.After selecting delivery address the order is successfully placed and customer get notification of order placed.
9.After placing order customer can cancel order only till the order is not dispatch from merchant. If order is dispatch from merchant then customer will not able to cancel order. Then for cancel the order he need to contact with merchant.
10.After successfully delivered the order then customer need to pay then order is successfully completes.

Objectives :
Application developed for customers, Customer can easily buy grocery products online also customer can cross check prices with other shops.

Challenges :
Show nearby all grocery shops.

Technology Specifications :