Project Description :
This appplication is for salon,in which clients can confirm their appointments ,select their services , can get offer details and news of particular salon ,can check styles from gallery in which differnt images are there with different styles.

Objectives :
Objective of application is to ease the process of salon for clients.

Challenges :
1)Basically Pari salon is the Android and iOS Project which had been developed in Xamarin(C#) for code reusability but at that time the the Android developement with xamarin is the new technology and there are no enough documentation is available for Android and iOS with Xamarin.
2)Implemetation for the push notification in the application was tough part of the application.
3)There were no documentations available for the expandable list view with checkbox and maintain their state on internet as well as on Xamarin official web site.

Solution :
1)We have good knowledge of the native part of Android and the iOS so if we didnt get any solutions for our problems with Xamarin then first we were finding the best solutions from the Native part and then we converting that solutions in Xamarin.
2)For push notifications we didnt have the C# library from the Google for Android or Apple for iOS. So we have used the third party tool Push sharp library to implement the push notifications for Android as well as iOS applications.
3)We need to implement expandable list with checkboxes. and when we go on the another page and will return back to change the selection from the another screen but the selected checkboxes loose their state when we click on another item in expandable list view. So for this issue we have implemented the another project in native language (Java for android) and then we have created the same project for android in Xamarin and so we have hold the tag for each of the checkbox in expandable list view and then this solutions we have implented in our applications.

Technology Specifications :
1) xamarin (C#)
2)WCF web services
3) SQLServer 2008R2.