Project Description :
SaleReceipts app is the perfect way to reduce your cost on papers. SaleReciepts app allows to create and distribute receipt very quickly.
It’s easier for you to manage and search information through your receipts.
You can inform the customer with a reminder about payment.
This application is easy, secure and cost saving.
saleReciepts application contain two modules. The Merchant and Customer are two modules

Merchant Module :
Generate a receipt and send that receipt to customer is main feature of merchant module.Also maintain records of receipts of each customer.
Merchant having ability to view receipt, send reminder, maintain receipt status such Delivery, Not Delivery, Paid etc.
With the help of send reminder merchant send message on customer number with purchase details.

Customer Module :
Customer receive a receipt generated by merchant. Customer having online payment or cash payment options.
Also customer can see all his receipts such paid, Not paid , Delivery, not Delivery.
Also customer receive reminder (SMS) related to payment

Features :
— Calculate total bill and check discount
— Generate mobile receipt
— Online payment (customer to merchant)
— Keep track of orders, delivery status and payment status
— Keep customer updated about orders by sending notifications

Objectives :
This application is developed for merchants and customers.

Technology Specifications :
1) Android